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Last One Standing – Its Back.

First of all i want to say a massive thanks to all 50 people who played in our ‘Tyrell Hatton: Last One Standing’ game last Sunday on our Instagram stories. It was exactly what we set out to achieve and more a bit of light hearted fun to accompany us on a relaxing Sunday.

Secondly, I would like to congratulate Ryan Halliwell who kept us all entertained for the front nine of Hatton’s final round at the BMW. Ryan was our deserved winner in the end after predicting the first 7 holes of Hatton’s round correctly.

Ryan along with 39 others successfully picked Hatton to score Par on his opening hole. Thus eliminating 11 players straight away. The second hole at Wentworth is the 154 yard Par 3, Hatton had scored 3 pars in his previous 3 rounds here. Of the 39 that remained 24 selected PAR, they were met with a moment of anguish as Hatton saw his 12Ft putt for birdie just come up high of the hole to rest on the lip. It could have been so easily birdie there and that would have been Comp over before it started.

So we lost 15 players on the 2nd hole who were all given a 10% discount off of our upcoming comps.

Then there was 24 moving on to the 3rd hole which was a tricky 459 yard par 4 where tournament leader Hatton had played in 1 over par in the opening 3 rounds. Ryan including 15 others guessed correctly with Hatton scoring a PAR to open his scoring with 3 pars, simple game you think?

How many left after 3 holes?

So 16 of the 50 entries were stood on the par 5 4th biting there nails with the selections they had chosen earlier. 15/16 left went Birdie and predicted that the most fashionable man in golf would come off 4 with a 4. This to me did seem the obvious choice as Hatton had eagled it on round one followed by consecutive birdies on round 2 and 3.

Any guesses for what Ryan went? Yup you guessed it PAR. What did Hatton get Par!

So in as little as 4 holes we had our winner in Ryan and now it was up to him to see how far he could go to get as much discount as possible off of our upcoming comps with the 15 who exited there picking up 20% off.

Watch all of Hatton Highlights from round 4 at Wentworth here.

Over to you Ryan.

The fifth was a 203 yard par 3 which Ryan bravely went Birdie. Over to Hatton……’2 you were after Ryan? Yeah no bother mate. 2 it is!’ Hatton smashed a brilliant shot to 12ft and rolled it in like it was a 2fter.

Hole 6 is the 418 yard Par 4 which had seen Hatton play in level par with three consecutive Pars in the opening days. What did Ryan predict? Par – of course he did, the stats are not to be sniffed at. What did Hatton walk off with? You guessed it.

It was actually at this point that i had to go and play golf my self, which to Ryan’s credit well and truly put me off the first couple of holes of my round as i was trying to keep up with Hatton’s scores and Ryans predictions, much to the bemusement of my playing partners!

On to the 7th, for Hatton, again a par 4 this time 396 yards and a hole that he was one over for the first three rounds. Solid Sunday top of the leaderboard form must come into it though right? Ryan thought so as he predicted another Par, Hatton delivered.

I think it was at this point that i managed to 3 whack it off the tee on the third where i was playing, struggling to find the same sort of rhythm that Tyrell and Ryan were showing in the BMW and Last One Standing. After i finished arguing with my playing partner i blobbed the 3rd, took my phone out of my pocket only to see that Hatton had made Par on the eighth and Ryan had picked him to go one better and birdie. The run came to a glorious end.

This was a great bit of fun, something we only put together in the morning and are glad so many of you got behind it for the first try. That said – we are coming back bigger and better this weekend.

LAST ONE STANDING – CJ CUP EDITITION will take place on the final round from Shadow Creek. Who will be lucky enough for us to follow round? Will it be Rahm? Wolff? Rory? Hatton again? Find out first thing Sunday Morning and get those predictions in.

How to play Last One Standing?

We pick one golfer who is in the mix for the final round of the tournament that weekend. The aim of the game is to predict the score for that golfer on each hole.

We will provide an Instagram Story quiz containing 18 questions on what the golfer will score on those holes. We will also provide stats on the previous scores from opening rounds and hole information that may help you make up your mind.

In order to make it to hole 2 you must predict the correct score for hole one. If you fail to do so you will be eliminated. The same then happens for the remaining holes. . The aim is to get as far around the golf course as you can from the 1st predicting the correct scores of our golfer on each hole.

Players can pick up discounts the further round the course they get. They can also win prizes for getting so far etc and being Last One Standing.

It is a bit of light hearted fun which is free to play and we would love as many of you to get involved as possible this weekend.

So tell your mates.

Big Love

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